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Is grounding or also called “earthing” the forgotten medicine that could solve many of our complaints such as, insomnia, cardiovascular diseases, chronic inflammation, etc. ? WHAT IS GROUNDING OR EARTHING ? Grounding or also referred to as earthing is getting your bare skin in contact with the earth. You do that whilst standing barefoot on the grass, swimming in the sea or a lake, working with your bare hands in the garden or walking on the beach. In scientific literature, it is known that the earth is negatively charged by solar radiation and many lightning strikes. You can think of your body as a bioelectric being and compare it to a cell phone you own. You can use it and install the best apps on it and have the best software, but when the phone is empty, you still have to plug it in to charge it and get it working again. We humans can eat and exercise as well as we want, but if we don’t recharge our bodies, many diseases can occur. Like the earth, humans are also made up of atoms which in turn are made up of, protons, neurons and electrons. Humans depend on the earth yet most of us are isolated from the earth. We are so disconnected that when we ground ourselves, people see it as some kind of woo-woo, as something that can’t have an effect, even though science proves otherwise. Every year new diets are invented and advertised, such as paleo, keto, carnivore, plant-based, animal-based, vegan, primal, high-carb, and so on. But these don’t seem to solve all the ailments. Being grounded and in contact with the earth can therefore have a tremendous effect on us. THE EARTH'S FREQUENCY The Earth has a natural heartbeat rhythm with a frequency of 7.83 Hz, also known as the “Schumann Resonance”. This frequency is identical to our alpha/theta brainwaves, which appear during states of deep relaxation, restoration, and cell regeneration. Disconnection from the earth is a huge underrated cause of illness today.

PROTECTION AGAINST EMF Several studies have reported that exposure to non native electromagnetic fields (nnEMF) results in oxidative stress in many tissues of the body. Earthing, on the other hand, has an overarching effect on the body, acting as an antioxidant, and the free electrons we receive from the earth allow us to fight excess free radicals and combat chronic inflammation.

CONDUCTIVE SURFACES Grounding or earthing can’t be done everywhere. We have surfaces that conduct electrical current very easily because of their free electrons. Insulators, like plastic shoes, resist electric current and are poor conductors. These are the surfaces on which you are grounded: Outdoors: Grass, Soil, Gravel, Sand, Stone, rocks Indoors: Grounding sheets, grounding mats, body bands

CHANGES IN WEARING SYNTHETIC SHOES The problem with our modern lifestyle is that synthetic shoes and synthetic clothing disconnected us even further from nature. In 1907 Leo Baekeland invented Bakelite, the first fully synthetic plastic: meaning it contained no molecules found in nature, he combined two chemicals, formaldehyde and phenol, under heat and pressure: plastic. Since the development of synthetic shoes in the 1950’s there has been a huge increase in various diseases including diabetes. This happened as soon as we had less contact with Mother Nature and stopped wearing natural fabrics. HEAL YOURSELF Mankind has abandoned nature in many ways. Grounding reconnects people to an aspect that has largely been lost and overlooked. The solution is simple: Walk barefoot outside as much as possible. Sleep, work or relax indoors in contact with conductive sheets or mats, which transfer the energy of the Earth to your body. Research shows that people who do this on a regular basis find that they sleep better, feel better, and have more energy throughout the day. This simple solution is called Earthing, or Grounding, and is both a technique and a movement, which changes lives all over the world. Earthing is completely safe and very natural and is helpful and necessary for people of all ages. BENEFTIS OF GROUNDING

Walking barefoot on the earth provides all sorts of benefits: The earth is negatively charged and gives off negative ions and electrons. These negatively charged ions and electrons help detoxify our bodies from heavy metals, free radicals, air pollution, etc. Reduced inflammation: Grounding or earthing reduces inflammation in the body: Reduced redness, heat, swelling, and pain. Most pain, including the most severe, is due to inflammation and typically responds rapidly to Earthing. Improved sleep: Studies show that grounding resulted in less waking during the night and less inflammation which helped with better recovery during sleep. Which in turn resulted in more energy throughout the day. Improves blood viscosity: Grounding to the soil can lower blood viscosity by raising the so-called zeta potential. Blood viscosity is a measurement of the thickness and stickiness of an individual’s blood. Researchers tested this on people by measuring the zeta potential of red blood cells. The greater the zeta potential, the greater the negative charge on the red cells, pushing them apart and lowering blood viscosity. Reduced stress: Studies show that there is a reduction in cortisol, a mediator and marker of stress, associated with emotional and physiological stress, inflammation, and sleep dysfunction. Chronic elevation of cortisol from stress can lead to a disruption of the body’s circadian rhythms and contribute to sleep disorders, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, decreased bone density, decreased immune response, mood disturbances, autoimmune diseases, and abnormal glucose levels. Emotional and physical stress are intensifying factors for pain and psychological disorders. Faster wound healing: Several studies have shown that grounding would provide faster wound healing due to reduced inflammation as well as improved blood circulation, and lower blood viscosity, facilitating the delivery of healing factors to the site. This is especially important for women: Female physiology and reproduction are regulated by an array of hormones, the concentrations of which vary from moment to moment in relation to rhythmic changes in the environment. When a woman’s body rhythms are properly synchronized with her geophysical environment, she feels fine. When she becomes disconnected from the environmental pace-setting rhythms, her hormonal systems can become chaotic and can make themselves known with a variety of symptoms. The invisible silent pulses also called the Schumann resonance rise to normal hormonal regulations. Disconnection from the environment can disrupt these regulations, and grounding provides a simple way to restore balance. CAN I GROUND INSIDE ? Yes you can, As mentioned above, there are several options for indoor grounding. Bed sheets, mats, grounding or earhing bands. The mats and sheets are usually connected via a wire to the ground port of an electrical outlet. CONCLUSIONS Research shows that grounding the body produces beneficial and significant physiological changes. It is believed that the source of these effects are the mobile electrons on the Earth’s surface that are responsible for the negative charge of the planet. Lifestyle changes have disconnected most people from this primary source of health and healing, creating a potentially unrecognized electron deficiency in the body, an overlooked cause of chronic inflammation and common chronic diseases. When the ground connection is restored through grounding, electrons flow throughout the body, reducing inflammation and oxidative stress and strengthening the immune system. Electron transfer is the basis of virtually all antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity. And the earth may well be the ultimate provider! When the supplies are restored, humans have the potential to thrive.


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